Who are we?

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Andy and Andrea Ide

Everett, WA


     In January 2010 we found ourselves at the end of our ropes when it came to personal finances. We were $56,000 in debt with no idea how to get out from under it short of winning the lottery. We desperately wanted to buy a house, but didn’t qualify for a loan because our debt to income ratio was too high. We were smart people (much of our debt was from the grad degrees that we each have), but didn’t know what to do when it came to money.

Then we found a book called Total Money Makeover. That’s what we needed. We cut up our credit cards, made a budget and a plan to get out of debt as fast as we could. We sacrificed and scrimped, and 30 months later, we paid off our last debt. Since then, we have saved up a healthy emergency fund, saved money for a down payment on a house which we purchased in 2015.

We discovered that WE were the problem. We made enough money to pay off our debt, but we had no idea where our money was going because the decisions that we made on a daily basis were not focused and we did not live on a budget.

Because of our experience, we want to help others gain control of their personal finances and find the freedom that can be had when you live debt free and intentionally. There were several times along the way that we could have used a coach during our journey to help us in the rough times.

We have led Financial Peace University and have completed Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coaching Master Training.